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All through January I’ll be revisiting some quotations from past posts that I think are good year-starters. They give us insights that help us get the new year kicked off.

Today’s quotation comes from the movie Dances With Wolves, starring Kevin Kostner. The native American chief Kicking Bird tells Kevin Kostner’s character:

“Of all the trails there are in this world, there is one that matters most, and that is the trail of a true human being. I think you are on that trail and it is good to my heart to see it.”

 What is the trail of a true human being and how can I follow it? How can I more and more aim myself true?

A challenging question, yes. But worth reflecting on, I believe.

Can you sense the possibility, the promise, the excitement, the depth in this question?

I like to think of this question as the North Star that sailors navigate by at night.

Even though sometimes covered by clouds, the star is always there, bright and shining, always waiting to guide us, day by day, toward our wiser, more compassionate, more courageous, more alive, more joyful self.

A reminder: as you think about this question, be gentle with yourself, and forgiving. It is a question to explore, to play with, to open yourself too. It is not there to weigh us down.

Think of it this way…

You can think of your life as a unique, new response to the question: what is a true human being. No one has ever responded to that question in quite the way you will respond to it.