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(Note: While I’m on vacation, TLC will feature guest posts.)

Landon Saunders

My good friend, Dr. James Walters, and I often surface sayings we remember hearing in our childhood that we enjoy. The other day James mentioned that he had heard his grandfather speak of needing a “meaningful rain.” He asked his grandfather, “What do you mean—a meaningful rain?” His grandfather replied, “It’s when the rain meets the moisture.”

The reference, of course, suggests that the rain is slow and soaking (hence, “meaningful”) and finally meets the moisture that is under the dry, dusty, even parched, soil above.

A “meaningful rain” gets to the depths. In the current virus crisis, our sense of self can feel dry, dusty, and parched due to being isolated from friends and normal activities that help nourish our spirits. It can take a toll on our sense of well-being. We need a “meaningful rain”.

Here are four words that connect us with the well-springs of our lives. These words have been celebrated by artists, poets, and prophets for centuries. They are spirit, love, light, life. These are four ideas that bring out the best in us.

Your spirit helps shake off dead routines and opens you to imagination, wonder, and change; your love is that inexhaustible resource that expresses your best humanity; your light from within enables you to find, with wisdom, your way in all circumstances; and your life reveals your deepest yearning for what is good and true and just.

Okay, I admit this might be viewed as a bit too aspirational. I thought about just tossing these thoughts aside and writing something more practical. But then I thought, no, these thoughts have meant so much to me and the way I live my own life that I decided they might mean something to you as well.

Today we are awash with information that purports to tell us who we are and what we should do. But what we most need are ideas that mine the riches within our own persons, ideas that keep us in touch with our own interesting and unique self.

How do we make these thoughts practical? These are thoughts that need time, like a slow soaking meaningful rain, time for them to connect to a richness within us. So, you might place the four words on a slip of paper and post them where you’ll see them every day. If you do no more than call them to mind each day, they will begin to sink in deeper and deeper.

Or, you could use them for a moment of meditation in which you think about each idea in a way that helps you absorb their power and integrate them with the way you think about your self—your incredible humanity.

You are spirit. You are love. You are light. You are life. Think of these words as a seeding of your being that, who knows, might just result in a meaning full rain.