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Do you believe in miracles? Have you looked in the mirror? Jewish author Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote:

“How embarrassing for man to be the greatest miracle on earth and not to understand it.”

A couple of things strike me about that line.

First, it expresses a truth that is absolutely undeniable. There’s simply nothing in the world that has the capacity for thought, imagination, delight, wonder, goodness that an ordinary human being has.

And that’s what you are.

Second, I think Heschel is right: Even though we know this, it’s not easy to fully realize and affirm this view of the human being.

For example, when we look in the mirror first thing in the morning, “miracle” is probably not the first word that pops into our heads! And the same applies when we look at some of the ornery folks around us!

We need to go deeper—deeper than the noise in our heads, deeper than our wounds and gifts, deeper than our successes and failures, deeper than circumstances and disappointments, deeper than the news of the day.

We need to get down to a quiet reflection: I am a human being, and you are a human being and there’s something about that that is miraculous and worth celebrating. Even when there seems to be no reason to celebrate. Especially then.

Like a baker working yeast into dough, when we quietly work this high view of the human being into our daily lives and relationships, we are adding the one ingredient that can help life rise with the lightness and levitation and expansive power of joy. And that’s miraculous.