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The encouraging words we most need

Growing up in 1960s New Mexico, I loved listening to my transistor radio, usually to hear the Yankees play.

I also remember hearing the song, Home on the Range: “where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.”

Seldom? Clearly, we’re not at home on the range anymore! These days, it seems like discouraging words are descending on us like starving locusts on a wheat field!

I think we need to fight back against this discouraging trend, by creating a trend of encouragement in our lives—encouraging ourselves and the people around us.

But how do we do that? Well, there are many ways, of course.

I appreciate it when someone encourages me to “Have a great day!” (Though I do feel the pressure to perform.) But I also think we need encouraging words that go a little deeper.

When I started The Living Conversation, the idea was to share some of the best encouraging words from wise thinkers around the world and through the centuries.

This raised an interesting question: What is the encouragement we most need?

I think it’s this: The encouragement we most need is that which helps us have the courage to LIVE.

It’s the encouragement that helps us to live well, live wisely, live lovingly and live joyfully in the world—even in the midst of its discouragements, disappointments and defeats.

The word “courage” comes from the French “coeur” for “heart.” The best encouragement helps to strengthen and stretch our hearts. It helps us to more deeply access our own inner resources for joy, empathy, strength, wisdom, playfulness, kindness and aliveness.

Now, I’m not smart enough on my own to come up with this kind of encouragement, which is why I’m always looking for encouraging words from other, wiser souls.

The quotations I pass along come from different philosophies, different points of view, and different religions. We all have our own beliefs,  but we can all learn from each other.

Together, these encouraging words form a kind of living conversation—a conversation about living that I think can be helpful even when the skies are cloudy all day.

I hope you enjoy the blog and share any encouragement you find with others. Let’s create a climate of real encouragement in our lives, homes, communities, and workplaces.

Now that’s a climate change we can look forward to!

Geoffery Alan Moore