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Russian author Leo Tolstoy said,

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Isn’t it interesting how much easier it is to focus on changing others rather than changing ourselves?

Wives complain about husbands who won’t do right…and husbands complain about wives who won’t do right.

Parents complain about children who won’t do right…and children complain about parents who won’t do right.

Employees complain about the boss who won’t do right…and bosses complain about employees who won’t do right.

And on it goes.

But you rarely hear a person say, “I am having a little trouble getting myself to do right.”

And yet, isn’t “changing myself” the one area over which I have the most control? Isn’t that the change that offers the greatest possibility?

We probably won’t have much success changing others (no matter how much we’re convinced they should do what we want them to do!)

But the great thing about being human is: we can change. And when we do, we change our world

This may be the most hopeful news we could hear. (And there may even be a few people around us who are hoping we’ll hear it!)