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Pour your whole heart into your business—no matter how large or small your ‘business’ is. So goes an old maxim.

To illustrate, Edward Bleier relates an old story about crusty James Gordon Bennett, owner of the New York Herald. Bennett stalked into the office…

“…at the same moment that a young copy boy dashed around a corner. The collision sent Bennett sprawling on the floor. ‘Young man,’ he roared, ‘what in blazes do you think you’re doing!’ The kid stammered: ‘I was just running an errand, sir.’ Bennett put his hand in his pocket, flipped him a quarter and snapped: ‘Well, that’s the way to run ‘em!’

Maybe an apple a day will help keep the doctor away.

But a task a day done with our whole heart and mind couldn’t hurt—especially when we consider the boost to our sense of energy, enthusiasm, achievement and fulfillment that such experiences can bring.

To put it another way: stretching and exercising your metaphorical heart might actually be good for your physical heart. Not to mention your emotional and psychological and spiritual heart.

And, as a bonus, you’re more apt to end up with good stories to tell—even if you crash along the way!