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Guest Post By Landon Saunders


There was a great tree with lofty branches and deep roots. One day the lightning came and said, “Stand aside or I’ll blast you off the face of the earth.” The tree looked back and said, “I haven’t grown a trunk so strong and roots so deep to be intimidated by you. Strike away.”

We need the strength that comes from strong trunks and deep roots, but that doesn’t come easily or quickly. Trees spend years building deep roots so that when the lightning strikes, they will survive.

How do we do that? How do we grow these strong trunks and deep roots? I believe one way is to follow the great part that is in you, not the small part.

If there is resentment that creeps up in your life, don’t say, “Well, I am resentful. I’m just a resentful person.” Or if jealously comes to you, don’t say, “I’m just jealous. That’s just the way I am.” Or, “I’m selfish, and I wish I weren’t so selfish, but that’s just the way I am.”  What are you doing?  You are holding onto the smallest part of your nature, the worst part of your character.

Instead, grab hold of the greater part of who you are. If there is love in your life, follow it. If there is joy, pursue it.  If there is a moment of generosity that arises in your day, don’t say, “Well, where did that come from?” But, rather, latch onto it, and do not let it go. This is the way we add strength and depth to our lives, so we can stand tall in the face of whatever lightning comes our way.