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Here’s a word for this week: Courage.

I like that the word “courage” is related to the French word “coeur” which means “heart.”

Courage is about bringing heart to our daily challenges and battles, whether large or small.

As World Middleweight Boxing champ Mickey Walker put it:

“A lot of my philosophy comes from the ring. You learn in life there are always the ups and downs. We must have enough sense to enjoy our ups and enough heart to get through our downs.”

Moving from the boxing ring to the bull ring, I like Hemingway’s definition:

“Courage is grace under pressure.”

He was describing the way a skilled matador stands calmly with a 1,000-pound angry bull charging at him; at the last moment, he swirls his cape and steps gracefully to the side.

The crowd shouts, “Ole! Ole!”

Courage. Heart. Grace under pressure.

They can help us deal with whatever “bull” comes charging at us this week.

The people around you probably won’t shout, “Ole!” But they might be quietly amazed at your poise and grace—the way you stay so calm in the storms.