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Here’s another guest post from Landon Saunders:

By Landon Saunders

You may have seen the story of the five-year-old boy who took the family car, three dollars from his savings jar, and headed out from Utah towards Los Angeles to buy a Lamborghini! A policeman saw the car weaving a bit, pulled it over, and, to his astonishment, found the little boy under the wheel, perched on the front edge of the seat with both feet on the brake.

Such imagination! Maybe a good measure of spunk! And at least a bit of lust for adventure! Will he ever again experience a day like that one? Let’s hope he never loses his capacity to dream even as he learns it was not a good thing at five years old to set off driving the family car! His parents made that clear to him, very clear!

One of the things I take away from this story is to begin each day with great intention. This little kid didn’t just have a dream. He grabbed up his three dollars and set out to attain it. Our young Don Quixote dreamed his wildly improbable dream of riding in the car of his dreams.

And, it turned out that his dream wasn’t so impossible after all. A nearby Lamborghini owner read the story and showed up at the little boy’s house to take him, as well as other members of his family, for a ride around the neighborhood in his loud, throaty Lamborghini.

I identify with the little Lamborghini boy’s excitement. For years, on my personal notecards, I had written the line: “In pursuit of a dream. . .” The ellipsis is an important part of the line because the dream has continued for me all the way to this good day. And I’m over 60. Well, 70. Okay, over 80.

The point we must never reach is a dead-stop period, the place where dreams and the creation of new dreams die.

So, here’s wishing you a Lamborghini of a day.

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