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In celebration of the holidays, I would like to share with you a holiday message from Landon Saunders about the importance of joy in our lives.

Saunders is a nationally known speaker and the author of Life That Loves to Happen…No Matter What Happens and How to Win Seven out of Eight Days a Week. He writes:

There’s something about this time of year that brings out the very best in us. Perhaps, then, it is no coincidence that this is the time of year in which the word ‘joy’ is on our lips, both in song and in word. It is an emotion we feel that picks us up, and it’s one we wish we could have all year round.


Let me tell you what I believe about joy: I believe joy is the deepest thing in the universe. If it’s possible, I think it’s even deeper than love. I also believe it is the deepest thing in the human heart. Joy in a turbulent life is like the stillness of the ocean’s depth during a horrible storm. It is there. It is untroubled. It is unthreatened. Joy is powerful, and, when it’s understood, it’s the perfect antidote to anxiety and tragedy. Joy is the only thing I know before which tragedy loses its steam.

Best wishes to all. May joy be the GPS that helps you navigate through the coming year no matter what may happen. May joy be the default setting in your heart.