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Guest Post by Landon Saunders

We are constantly negotiating who we think we are with those near us—a spouse, children, friends, associates at work. And how we dealt with the things we have faced in our lives tells us a lot about who we are—how we faced failure or humiliation or suffering or accomplishment.

When we face such things, we have to reach deeper inside. We uncover things we didn’t know were there. We find strength we didn’t know we had. As you’ve probably noticed, I point often to these riches found in our person because it is so easy for us to forget this.

And many have faced things so hard that they said, “This is more than I can bear.” But the wisest hearts and minds through the ages have told us we do not face more than we can bear. And I think that has been born out in most of our lives. Though there are those who get over-whelmed,  hopefully, others step in to provide help and comfort.

We bear up under extreme challenges because they drive us to reach down and find riches within us—untapped and unspent. Those riches can never be fully depleted or exhausted. You are living testimony that one can endure a lot along life’s journey. You’ve reached deeper and found new riches of courage, patience, flexibility, resilience, and hope.

Personally, I rely a lot on joy, and I’ve made joy the default of my heart. No matter what happens,  I revert to joy which underlies it all. Joy is unmotivated. It is a capacity built into the human heart. Joy is there when we cry, when we suffer, when we fail, and when we succeed.

Joy never drains us. Let me say that again: Joy never drains us. To the contrary, joy adds energy and life to us.

So, in these times that try our souls…summon the joy. It is there…and it will come