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“If I don’t make a lot of noise and toot my own horn, I’ll get passed over. I’ll miss out.”

 It’s tempting to think that sometimes.

But aren’t we usually more impressed by those who let their actions speak…without making a big fuss?

In funeral elegies, you never hear anyone say: “He always talked about how great he was!”

Baltasar Gracian gave this advice:

“Make the least ado about your greatest gifts. Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.”

 And Mark Twain said:

“Noise doesn’t count. If it did, you’d have to believe the hen layed an asteroid instead of an egg!”

 Gracian is suggesting: “Let your life do the talking. Put your life and actions out there and let them speak for themselves.”

Which raises the question: “What is my life saying?”