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How is your relationship with time?

Sometimes our relationship with time feels tense or stressed. We say, “I never have enough time!” Sometimes time drags and sometimes it flies. We wonder, where did the time go? We can feel that we’re working against the clock.

Little children seem to have a different relationship to time—more relaxed, more playful. Their experience is more like that of Walt Whitman who said, “Time is a stream I go a-fishing in.”

And Zorba (in Zorba The Greek) says,

“I saw a very old man planting an almond tree and I said, ‘Old man, why are you planting that almond tree?’ He said, ‘I live each day as if I would live forever.’ Then I said, ‘I live each day as if I would die tomorrow!’ But I wonder, which one of us is right?”

Maybe both?

Here’s the point: People who live joyful, exuberant lives seem to have learned a freer, more relaxed and yet more adventurous relationship to time.

Yes, they know they are timed. But they also know that they have all the time they need to do the things they really need to do in life—the things that truly matter to them.

I think it’s important to be reminded that we are not prisoners of time. We’re not locked in. We always have the option of choosing to explore and experiment and be playful and adventurous with time. We can live in a way that knows that time is on our side rather than against us.

We can make friends with time.