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NOTE: Today’s reflection is from Landon Saunders. If you would like to sign up for his weekly email, there’s a place to click at the end.


I greet you today with consideration, quietness, understanding, confidence, and love.

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, “No matter how many roads you travel, you can never reach the end of the soul.” Today is a time for discovery of new places in our souls.

In many ways we are all in a new place. Days, weeks, months, and years of routine, experience, and expectations are now disrupted. Some are alone, isolated. Some are with family in unexpected ways which can be challenging, even in the presence of great love.

Some face financial pressures that couldn’t have been imagined even days ago. Health officials, people in government, companies, citizens are on high alert and working day and night to address this crisis. Yet, all of us appear left to our own resourcefulness in so many ways. Most of us have not faced such a time as this.

Heraclitus reminds us we have areas of our souls we’ve never discovered. Maybe we are on such a journey in this crisis.

First, this means that in the midst of all we’re dealing with…you have you. You are an inexhaustible source of resiliency, wisdom, endurance, and yes, humor. You have depth and will travel to new places in your soul. So, right now, take a moment…and accept that…embrace the moment fully, and you’ll be on your way!

Second, this focuses concern on others in ways that may be unusual for us. We notice others. We’re careful about physical contact. But that concern goes beyond protection from the virus; it connects us to one of our greatest strengths and to one of our world’s greatest needs—our concern and care for others.

Among all the things we have to do to get through this time, if we emerge with a deeper understanding of ourselves and with a greater concern for others, we will all be stronger and of more use to the world in the unfolding future.

 I believe that I will, that you will, and that alone and together, we will. Blessings on all for this journey.

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