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“Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you,” goes an old saying. And it’s good advice.

It’s true, some people seem to go looking for trouble.

And the rest of us? Well, not to worry: trouble will eventually find us.

Trouble is a part of life.

But it’s good to know that trouble is also often a disguise.

 As Frank Tyger said:

“Opportunity’s favorite disguise is trouble.”

In 1666 London was hit by the bubonic plague, closing Cambridge University. Now that is trouble!

A young student named Isaac Newton was forced to leave his studies and go home to the country. There he had time to think and reflect on what he’d learned…which led him to the discovery of the law of gravity and the beginnings of his life’s work.

But does this principle apply to all the little troubles that trouble us every day? Is there an opportunity hiding behind the troubles at work? Or the troubles in a relationship? Or the troubles with people who are just a little too ornery? Or the troubles from the past?

Almost every kind of trouble you can think of has led to an opportunity for someone who had the courage to look.

What’s troubling you? Have you tried looking behind the disguise?