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Here’s a thought for this week: you are an artist of the everyday.

Granted, maybe you’ll never be a Mozart or Van Gogh or Hemingway.

But each day you have the opportunity to make another priceless work of art…another day of life.

Henry David Thoreau was thinking along these lines when he said,

“To affect the quality of the day is the highest of the arts.”

And his friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

“The conscious utterance of thought by speech or action to any end is Art.”

Each day gives you a new canvas. And you have a full palate of colors to work with: your sense of humor, your patience and empathy, your thoughtfulness, your inner strength and determination, your ability to look and listen, your ability to forgive yourself and others, your ability to change, even your tears and laughter—your whole humanity.

But there’s more.

Even failures, disappointments, and mess-ups can be worked with and woven into your daily work of art—blending darker colors with brighter ones.

The great artist Miro had paused from painting to enjoy a strawberry jam sandwich when a glob of jam fell onto the canvas. He looked at it, then took his finger and swirled the jam into the painting.

As an artist of the everyday, you have the ability to turn even the messes into masterpieces.