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Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote:

“No one knows what you can do, and you won’t know until you try.”

I like that. It’s a reminder that there’s always more to my story and more to your story and more to the story of everyone we meet—more than we know.

There’s always more to learn, more to do, more to grow, more to dare, more to contribute as a unique human being in this world.

It’s also a reminder that I only need to do what I can. If I just fulfill my life, who I am, what my potential is, that’s enough.

But how can we do it? How can we stay alive and growing and giving and challenging ourselves all the way to the last day?

Emerson also wrote:

 “Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.”

But who will make me do that? Somewhere I read…

You and you alone can make you do what you can. You’ll have to be the coach, the player, and the fan.

Be your own coach. Be your own fan. Be the player. Be the hero of your story—no matter what happens, no matter how many failures or setbacks or disappointments.

Once you start playing these roles, the world better watch out.

It’s game on!