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Some say that most New Year’s resolutions don’t last past January.

So this year, how about a New Year’s realization.

Here’s one from author Abraham Joshua Heschel:

“How embarrassing for man to be the greatest miracle on earth and not to understand it.”

Yes, it’s true. There was a time in your life when you had no job, no money, few social skills…and yet everyone who knew you agreed that you were miraculous.

You were six months old.

And it’s a scientific fact that you, being a human being, are still fully as miraculous as the Grand Canyon, the Aurora Borealis, or the full moon.

The question is what to do with that fact…beyond stitching it onto a pillow.

It’s not as though you can waltz into the boss’s office and ask for a substantial raise based on your miraculousness. Or use this as a pick-up line in a bar.

The word “miracle” comes from a root word that means “that which signifies a smile.”

So here’s a suggestion for starting the New Year.

Take a few quiet moments to just stand and look at that one-of-a-kind miracle in the mirror, that human being that Carl Sandburg called, “Man, the little two-legged joker.” (Or woman.)

Look long enough to turn loose of all those thoughts buzzing around in your brain, thoughts about height, weight, looks, past, future, whatever.

Look long enough to just see. Really see.

Yep, it’s not like you’ll want to go telling everyone, but that ornery old thing in the mirror? Still a miracle.

And now…smile.