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Guest Post by Landon Saunders


No one has a magic “fix” for these times. So many are experiencing life in a way never before experienced. Work, home, children, habits, worship, travel, routines—all have been upended.

We’re in new territory. We’re having to plug in our GPS even to know how to deal with our kids!

But, thankfully, we still have heart. And that’s not nothing.

The heart is hard to exhaust, even though we can sometimes feel we’ve lost heart. The heart helps us pilot our way through unexpected, difficult times.

And the heart surprises us with what it can come up with. Think for a moment what you have come through—yourself.

We’ve even said, “I’ve surprised myself!” The heart does a pretty good job at “making it up as we go along.”

Yes, no one has a magic “fix” for these times, but you do have heart. And, that’s what gets us through.

So, take heart. Trust your heart. Look for the surprises of your heart. I’ve even heard the song: “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.” Even a glimpse of joy can be worth the world.

Let your heart surprise you.