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“There’s just never enough time.”

True? Or myth?

If time is money and there’s never enough time, perhaps we should go ahead and…

…Honk at the slow driver in front of us

…Run from task to task, because there isn’t time to do any one thing really well

…Cheat on that test in school rather than waste time studying

…Take relationships for granted because there isn’t time to be fully present with the people in our lives

…Get stressed out all the time because there isn’t time to stop and enjoy the moments

…Give up on that dream because we are just too busy being busy

…Adopt the opinions of others because there just isn’t time to think things out for ourselves

But what if it’s a lie?

What if there really is plenty of time for all the things we really need to do in life?

What if time is really on our side but we just don’t realize it?

What if there really is plenty of time to enjoy the small moments today…to do very good work…to put our whole selves into whatever we do…to look the people we love in the eye and let them know how much they mean to us…to pursue the things that matter today?

How do we get a better grasp on time? Maybe we just have to stop running.

As James Thurber said:

“All people should try to understand before they die…what they are running from, and to, and why.”