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The Russian writer Boris Pasternak, author of Doctor Zhivago, said,

“Human beings are moved in two ways: by the cudgel or by the inner music.”

…which raises an important question for reflection: What moves me?

What’s the fuel of my life? What energizes me? What keeps me going? And when I run out of gas, what is it that I run out of?

Yes, it’s possible to be moved primarily by the “cudgel”: by all the things we have to do, by the demands and deadlines, by the “to do” lists, and by sheer busyness.

But I think we often sense a need for a little deeper, more powerful fuel for our lives, something that will keep us going no matter what happens.

But what is this inner music?

In a word, the inner music is joy. But it’s not a joy for someday. It’s a joy that provides real energy for all we have to face today.

Joy is about finding something to pour our lives into that energizes us, wakes us up in the morning, puts a sparkle in our eyes and a spring in our step.

Joy is about living for something that enriches all the important relationships of our lives and keeps them moving toward joy.

Joy is about living for something that keeps us growing as persons all the days our lives, all the way to the last day.

Joy is about living for something that time and circumstances and even death cannot defeat.

It’s about saying: I refuse to let my life be cudgeled into a drudgery! I will keep my life dancing to the inner music of joy, the only sustainable fuel for a human life.