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NOTE: The following is another thought from Landon Saunders, especially relevant right now.


Thomas Friedman, columnist for the New York Times, recently cited an observation of Dov Seidman, a values-based leader:

“When you press the pause button on a computer, it stops. But when you press the pause button on a human being, they start—that’s when they begin to rethink and reimagine.”     

Our “pause button” has certainly been pressed during this current world crisis. Almost no one has been overlooked—workers, parents, neighbors, businesses, and the list is endless.

Will our “pause button” signify “stop,” as with a computer, or “start,” as with a human being? If we stop, negative thoughts and emotions will flood our minds and hearts. But, if our “pause” is a “start” that intensifies our ability “to rethink and reimagine” who we are, what is really important, then confidence and hope enter our minds and hearts.

This gives us a way to respond in ways we couldn’t have imagined just months ago. So, let’s ask: will we be stirred to new thoughts, to new ways of seeing ourselves and others, to new levels of respect for each other? Will we be more aware and appreciative of so many little things we took for granted? Will we be grateful for so many who make our lives possible by the services they render—those who tend our sick or supply our groceries or deliver our mail—people we may have hardly noticed before?

As a result of this “pause,” we’re seeing, thinking, sensing things in ways we may have never thought before. I’m finding that these new thoughts are helping me see myself and others in a whole new light. In response to this pause may we all find new strength, patience, and hopefulness because we will all so badly need it.


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