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Gerry Sikorsky, the inventor of the helicopter said:

“Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do.”

It’s strange to realize that we don’t often stop and think about how important joy is to our lives.

For human beings, joy is like water to a fish. It’s like the air we breathe. It’s all around us. And it’s so essential that it’s easy to overlook or take for granted.

How easy it is to let stress or pre-occupation or busyness or expectations or disappointments or resentments crowd out the joy that is our birthright—no matter what has happened in our lives.

And it’s easy to think “someday I’ll be joyful.” But joy is not for someday. Joy is for today. Joy is not the end…it’s the energy that can keep us going.

When we enjoy what we’re doing, life feels more meaningful.

Relationships are for joy—they are meant to be enjoyed. Not to be used.

Joy is the deeper point of work. Our task is to find work that we enjoy—or find ways to enjoy the things we must do.

Joy is not about faking it. It doesn’t mean we pretend problems aren’t there. But when joy is real, it helps us to handle problems better, with less damage.

Yes, there is much tragedy and randomness in the world. All the more need for joy as a balancer to tragedy.

With its favorite tools—stories, laughter, and a sense of humor and playfulness—joy is a great stress-reliever. Joy helps us take things in stride and take on every problem as a challenge.

Joy may not be the answer to everything. But then again…it’s not a bad answer!

Maybe, following Sikorsky’s advice, we should take a daily vow to be joyful…to bring some genuine joy to our work…our relationships…even our problems.

Especially our problems.

The people who live and work around us will probably be glad we did.