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Guest post by Landon Saunders

Today, I want to name three things that are vital to living a good life—under normal times and abnormal such as we’re experiencing now

One, do the right thing. Every day. To every person. While that makes good sense, think of all the times we forget. And we will forget. We will do the wrong thing. But a good, growing life has a central goal—to do the right thing. And when we don’t, we correct it without too much delay. Growth and health require casting off the things we do wrong and affirming the things we do right. That’s nearly as exciting as being shocked back to life!

Two, make peace. Tension, conflict, disagreement, angry words—these are all part of life, but they require peace-making. The work of making peace maintains humanity in the moments of inhumanity. Moments arise in relationships, in marriages, in families, and in the workplace when making peace—when being a peacemaker—can make all the difference in the world. Peace is powerful, restorative…and wonderfully human. The good life affirms peace as a goal.

Three, generate joy and pass it on. The experiences of a day, of a life, drain us, but joy never drains you. Joy adds life, energy, even power when you’re weary and spent. Joy always whispers, “I’m here.” In all circumstances—even in the times you can’t express joy—joy remains and is always ready at the drop of a hat. Joy never gets its feelings hurt, never complains when neglected, never hits back when abused, and never givesup on a human life. The good life never loses sight of joy as a goal.

Try to do right, pursue peace, practice joy—these are three things I’m certain of for living a good life.

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