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Guest Post by Landon Saunders


Centuries ago, the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote: “To create something, you must be something.” But how do you get to be something? How do you become a somebody?

More and more it seems like the most common answer to that question is that your sense of being “somebody” is identified with what you do. The problem is, no matter what you do, most of us rarely feel that this tells the whole story of who we are.

A sense of self based primarily on accomplishment is, at best, a fragmented identity. It presents only one side of your total self, and it inflates that one side until your sense of self becomes lopsided.

So, if it’s not accomplishment that makes us “somebody” or “something,” what is it? The answer is, simply, You. To be somebody, you must realize and embrace that you’re the only expert on your life.

This doesn’t mean you can find all the resources for growth within yourself. But it does mean this journey is your journey. You must accept that the decisions you face in your life are yours to make, and no one else can make them for you.

Don’t be discouraged by this; instead, embrace the excitement and adventure that are yours. Then the“somebody” you have become can create something beautiful.