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[Note: While on I’m on vacation, TLC is featuring guest posts from Landon Saunders.]

by Landon Saunders

In response to last week’s email on “Feet,” Dr. Paul Sampley, my good friend, responded with a similar story. He said there was a professor who used to go into the classroom early and leave his hat on his desk and then go for coffee. One day he was delayed and, by the time he got back to his classroom, only a few students were still there. He declared: “When my hat’s here, I’m here!” At the next meeting of the class, the professor arrived to find a hat on every desk—and no students!

“When my hat’s here, I’m here!”  This hat story reminds me of another.

I had to meet with a man who, I’d been told, had some real problems with me! It boded something a bit ominous. I had expected to meet him later in the day, but I rounded a corner in a hallway and bumped right into him. I said, “Oh, excuse me. This isn’t how I planned to meet you. My plan was to find the room you were in, toss my hat in to see if it stayed, and, if it did, then I would come in.” He paused a moment then roared with laughter. I knew right away that it had smoothed the path.

Right now, when so many of us are all cooped up together, nerves can fray, encounters can be tense. If anticipating tension in the room you’re about to enter, why not do something unexpected—maybe like throwing your hat into the room! Could lighten things up a bit!

In Texas they have a saying, “He’s all hat, and no cattle.” Today I’m more than willing to be “all hat” in pursuit of your smile.