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I read about a therapist who begins the first session with each new client by asking:

“If you were already cured of the personal problems that brought you here, if all of those issues were resolved…what would you do? Would you renew a broken relationship? Change jobs? Go back to school? Write a book? Take up a new hobby? Enjoy life more? What would you do?”

After the client gives her answer, the therapist says, “Why don’t you just do that?”

This struck me for a couple of reasons.

First, I was impressed with a therapist who at least tries to make himself unnecessary!

Second, I like the empowering nature of the question: “Why don’t you just do that?”

This is not to suggest that life problems can be disposed of with the snap of a finger.

In fact, quite the opposite.

I think the point is that we don’t have to wait until problems are resolved or conditions are ideal. Life is short and there’s always something important that we can begin to do right here, right now, exactly where we are.

We can take action even in the mess.

So here’s a mind-stretching exercise for this week:

If all excuses and roadblocks were taken away, what would you do? What would you most want to do? What do you most need to do?

Why don’t you just do that?