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Abraham Heschel wrote:

Being human is a surprise!”

Really? Even when each day feels like more of the same?

Little children know the spirit of surprise and wonder. They live inside it the way fish live in water.

But as we get older, the drag of routine and repetition can sometimes smother the spirit of surprise and leave us feeling like life has been programmed for predictability.

Heschel is encouraging us to fight back—so that we don’t turn into dull, predictable folks with predictable ideas, predictable conversations and predictable arguments.

When life starts feeling a little too dull and predictable, it’s time to surprise things up!

Say something meaningful over dinner!

Get up and dance to break up an argument!

Tell a story. Tell a joke.

Ask a thought-provoking question. And really, really listen.

Have coffee with someone you wouldn’t normally have coffee with.

Surprise your co-workers with your calmness under pressure.

We have to find ways to stir up our lives so they don’t stick and burn.

Remember, you are a completely new, unique expression of a human being. There’s never been a person exactly like you before, and never will be.

So you aren’t needed to be like everyone else. You are needed to be you.

And you are a surprise.