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Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore wrote:

“My world that flourishes carries my worlds that have failed.”

You say, “Well, I know something about worlds that have failed.”

Don’t we all. To be human is to fail. We’ve never met anyone who hasn’t failed.

Failure won’t kill us. But the way we think about and handle failure might.

We could, for example, try to sweep failure under the rug, pretend it’s not there.

Problem is, that might turn us into Hot Air Balloons who pretend to be bigger than they are. And Hot Air Balloons have a way of getting punctured sooner or later.

We could spend our life fighting failure. Maybe trying to figure out what’s wrong with us. But that’s, ultimately, a frustrating, discouraging and losing proposition.

Neither one of these is a good way to carry failure. The load will ultimately weigh us down.

I like Tagore’s approach. Let your world that flourishes carry your worlds that have failed.

Did you know you have a world that flourishes? You do.

You carry it inside—the potential for joy, exuberance, laughter, creativity (even if just creating a new meal for dinner). The ability to forgive and give freely without expectations, to care deeply, to stay curious, to revive your spirit of wonder.

Quite a flourishing world we have in there!

This way of carrying failure will help keep us from being too weighed down…help keep our hearts light.

We may need to go a little deeper and get a little more skilled at being quiet and accessing that world once in a while.

But I believe it’s true: your world that flourishes can carry your worlds that have failed.