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The High Art of Day Enhancement


“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of the arts.”

-Henry David Thoreau


Is Thoreau right? Is affecting the quality of your day really the highest of the arts?

I believe it is—in part, because today is all we have.

The way you live your day is the way you’re living your life. So, for example, if you want a more joyful, more loving life, you must make today more joyful and loving.

The Living Conversation is designed to help you practice the High Art of Day Enhancement. It’s based on the work of Heartbeat, a non-profit educational organization founded in 1971 by Landon Saunders.

This work started with Landon’s highly popular Heartbeat radio program, heard by millions on ABC,  CBS, NBC and Mutual Radio Networks.

Then, thousands attended Landon’s community workshops: Feeling Good About Yourself, and Life That Loves To Happen. All workshops and materials were made available for free, funded by individuals and organizations much as PBS is funded.

Landon also authored two books: How To Win 7 Out Of 8 Days a Week, and Life That Loves To Happen…No Matter What Happens.

Landon passed from this scene in 2023, but he left behind a rich trove of uplifting material. We’re happy to be able to continue sharing these life-enhancing insights every week, without charge, in The Living Conversation.

Here’s to your joyful journey.

Geoffery Moore



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