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Landon Saunders


            He’s crying because he’s alone in the woods and it’s dark and he’s lost. But he’s not a little boy. He’s one of those people the poet Dante described in the words, “Midway in the highway of life, I came to myself in a dark wood where the straight road was lost.”

            How about you? Has the midlife crisis hit you yet? It’s that crushing feeling that you aren’t where you thought you’d be or who you thought you’d be—and there’s not enough time or energy left for your to reach your goals. Gradually, the straight road you started on so many years ago has led you into a dark wood.

            Just about everyone gets lost in the forest of midlife doubts, at one time or another. Let me give you a way to think about this moment in your life.

           William James, in describing the wonderful stream of our inner life, noted that one of the first things that strikes us is that, “Like a bird’s life, it [our inner life] seems to be made of an alternation of flights and perchings.”

            Yes, you may momentarily feel out on a limb. You may feel that your flying days are over. Why not take advantage of this pause, take this moment of perching to think, to plan, to rekindle your dreams. And when you do, you’ll find yourself again ready to take up flight, ready to soar to new heights.

            Don’t give up your dreams, your deeper yearnings. Don’t’ give up on the things that matter most to you. Maturity is a gift that is being given to you each day—today much more than yesterday, and tomorrow much more than today.

            As Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Sometimes we may feel that we have made wrong decisions at every stage of our lives, only to discover, astonishingly, that at last we came out entirely right.”

COMING FRIDAY: The Genius of Patience

[This is an excerpt from, How To Win 7 Out Of 8 Days A Week by Landon Saunders which is out of print and used by permission. In 2024 we will work through the entire book, with posts two or three times a week. – Geoffery Moore, Editor]