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M. Hawkins and Geoffery Moore

Dear Soul,

I’m bored just thinking about today.

Dear Life,

Boredom is nature’s way of saying, “Wake up and do something more exciting with your life! Forsake those two great hordes: the bores and the bored.”

Today, imagine that you’re a lightning rod that will attract, search out, and find what electrifies you. Then, ride the lightning to discover something, anything, that you can be passionate about. Find out what the life force of the universe wants you to do—and then do it with all your might.

So, are you ready to “sing the body electric”? No, it looks like your batteries need a little more charging. But don’t wait; get them charged now, before you bore yourself or some innocent bystander to death!

Today, I’ll live intensely—I’ll connect with my passion, even if just for a part of the day. I’ll find a way to go through life that has heart.

*The Dear Soul/Dear Life dialogs by J.M. Hawkins are adapted and used by permission. They are excerpted from his collection, Word From Soul City and were used in discussion groups across America in response to the Life That Loves to Happen seminars with Landon Saunders.