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Here’s a radical formula for success: Don’t try to be a success.

 This comes from no less a mind than that of Albert Einstein who said,

“Try not to become a person of success but rather try to become a person of value.”

 I think we get what he’s getting at, right?

He’s saying…

Don’t focus primarily on what you may get someday.

Focus primarily on what you can give—on your ability to learn and grow and do and contribute today.

Bryan Cranston, the Emmy-award-winning actor of Breaking Bad and Malcom in the Middle says one of his favorite quotes is from the great acting coach Stanislavski:

“Love the art in you, not you in the art.”

Cranston says this reminds him to focus on all that is involved in doing the work of acting rather than on the image of himself as a star.

“Love the art in you”—enjoy and embrace the challenge of doing what you do and doing it well for it’s own sake, without worrying overmuch about ultimate rewards.

“Love the art in you” whether it’s the art of writing a great report, the art of handling a difficult customer or client, the art of raising a child, the art of playing an instrument, the art of preparing a wonderful meal, the art of being married…or the art of creating a life.

This approach keeps us on solid ground. It’s more energizing.

And it even increases the odds of being successful!