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Landon Saunders

            I am thankful that I had a mother and father who were fun to be with. They knew how to be with their children.

            Both of them are gone now. But, we children have something that’s priceless—We have wonderful stories. They are stories that make us laugh, stories that provide nurture and strength, stories that continue to teach us how to be with others.

            One of my favorites is the story about the ice cream. I grew up in West Virginia. In 1946, we had a huge snowfall—some forty inches of snow on the ground.

            We lived about six miles from town. We had to go down a pretty rough hill, travel the creekbed for a hundred yards, then up to the highway and on to town.

            Almost every night, we would go into the small town for ice cream. Dad loved it more than nearly anyone, so it usually didn’t take much to persuade him to go. On this particular night, the snow had begun to fall and was already about twelve inches deep.

            We were sitting by the fire when one of us said, “Dad, some ice cream sure would be good.”

            “Are you out of your minds?” he said. “Have you looked outside? There’s a foot of snow on the ground. And it’s still snowing.”

            “Yeah, you’re right, Dad.” We sat there for a few minutes. His favorite was vanilla. “Dad, wouldn’t some vanilla ice cream be terrific?”

            “Normally,” he said,” you know I would go, but tonight is just too bad. We’d get stuck—we’d never get there and back.”

            We children didn’t ask anymore’ we just sat there and talked to each other about how good it would be!

            Finally, he said, “Okay. Let’s try it.”

            We piled into the pickup, took off, got stuck—I think at least ten times—but made it to town and back with the ice cream.

            You might be thinking, That wasn’t a very smart thing to do. And I guess it wasn’t. But I sure loved him for it!


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[This is an excerpt from, How To Win 7 Out Of 8 Days A Week by Landon Saunders which is out of print and used by permission. In 2024 we will work through the entire book, with posts on Monday and Friday. – Geoffery Moore, Editor]