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Landon Saunders

            “How old will I be before I’m educated,” the young man asked himself.

            He calculated how old he would be before he got his Ph.D. But then he asked himself whether that would mean he was educated.

            As he thought about what he meant by “educated,” he gained a startling insight: his thinking included nothing but himself..

            He decided that thinking about nothing but yourself was a sign of being uneducated. This meant that some of the Ph.D.’s he’d met were uneducated.

            Maybe, thought the young man, education comes with age and experience. Then he thought back on many of the older people he’d been around, and realized that growing older has little to do with growing wiser. Even reaching the age of ninety wouldn’t be enough. To be truly educated, he would have to be much older…and much younger.

            With all of these thoughts swirling in his head, he sat down and wrote these words:

            I want to be as old as eternity…because only eternity can broaden my interests beyond myself.

             I want to be too old to lick my wounds. Too old to complain. Too old to be afraid. I want to be as old as eternity, for, to eternity, even death goes unnoticed.

            I want to be too old to panic at pain. I want to be old enough not to be a messiah when being a friend would be enough. Old enough to know I can’t live others’ lives no matter how much I love them. I want to be old enough to know that I am and always have been in love. Old enough to laugh and cry at the same time. Old enough to look daily into the raw terror and the raw joy. Old enough not to know better than to risk my life for any instant of total “Let there be light.”

 COMING FRIDAY: The Time Management Expert

[This is an excerpt from, How To Win 7 Out Of 8 Days A Week by Landon Saunders which is out of print and used by permission. In 2024 we will work through the entire book, with posts two or three times a week. – Geoffery Moore, Editor]

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