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With the new year approaching, I want to share a quotation I’ve shared before—one I never get tired of thinking about.

Many years ago, Esquire magazine asked: “If your life had one question, would your answer be yes or no?”


Samuel Beckett, the playwright, said, “The answer is no. Life is awful. Grimace and bear it.”


Isaac Singer said, “The answer is yes. Life is God’s novel. Help him write it.”

Saying Yes to life can mean many things. And only you can answer that for yourself.

But when I think about that Yes, I think about the great invisibles, the things money can’t buy. As poet Carl Sandburg wrote:

“Money buys everything…except love, personality, freedom, immortality, silence, peace.”

These “invisibles” are easy to overlook, and yet they can powerfully affect the tone and quality of our days, the aroma of our lives.

And sometimes all it takes is a quiet moment to think about what it might be like for me, this day, to say Yes to joy, to say Yes to courage, to say Yes, to compassion, to say Yes to wisdom, to say Yes to love.

So my wish for you is that you may you find yourself sustained and renewed by the power of your own whole-hearted Yes through the coming year.

For, as e. e. cummings wrote:

“Yes is a world, and in that world lie—skillfully curled—all worlds.”

Geoffery Moore