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Landon Saunders

            It doesn’t matter what has or hasn’t happened in your life. What matters is you.

            There is a secret for surviving what happens and what doesn’t happen—the successes and the failures, the disappointment and the excitement.

            The first part of the secret is acceptance. You begin by accepting all that has happened, and all that hasn’t happened.

            But even when we accept everything that has or hasn’t happened in our lives, we still won’t feel fulfilled. This is where the second part of the secret comes in. Fill the rest of your life with joy. Fill the gaps with joy. Fill the places that feel as if they may crack you apart someday—fill them with joy.

            Joy is the mortar that lets you use all the raw material of your life in the building of your life. With joy, even the forces that would normally tear you down are used to build you up. The secret of acceptance plus joy is, you waste nothing of your life.

            Acceptance plus joy—that  is the secret.

            Doesn’t this make sense? What if we try to fill our lives with something besides joy? Is it possible?

            Don’t we feel bad about ourselves, dissatisfied and desperate, because we try to top off our existence with everything but joy?

            Don’t we destroy relationships because of gaps we feel inside? Gaps we try to fill with other people…instead of with joy?

            And how do we deal with failure? Don’t we spend our time fighting failure instead of finding joy?

            Again, here is the secret: acceptance plus joy.

COMING MONDAY: Licking The Honey

[This is an excerpt from, How To Win 7 Out Of 8 Days A Week by Landon Saunders which is out of print and used by permission. In 2024 we will work through the entire book, with posts on Monday and Friday. – Geoffery Moore, Editor]